Quality Management Systems

Kanwar Enterprises (P) Ltd. is committed to ensuring a quality service and ensuring all needs and requirements of the customer are met at all times.

We have in place an interim Quality Management System which is in ongoing development and refinement to ensure:-

 • The organization's effectiveness in meeting client requirement.

 • Client satisfaction .

 • Minimizing non-conformance with workmanship, equipment and products.

 • Quality improvement in all aspects of the organization.

As we gain more experience in the management of our organization we will endeavor to refine and improve our systems and approaches to quality management. In particular, as we obtain regular feedback from our client, and employees, we will review our Quality Management System .


Company Machinery

Our corporate Office service as our machinery fleets support service    center. It is the coordination center for the purchase and distribution of machines and all types of spare parts for all our projects. We also provide such services for all our major client’s project requirements.

We also have a highly experienced and skilled team of mechanics who are deployed not only for our own projects but also provide services for our clients. 

We are also very experienced in operating and maintaining site workshops for projects requiring large fleets of machinery.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For Kanwar Enterprises (P) Ltd, the commercial activities we undertake are the mechanism that allows us to achieve our social responsibility. As a social enterprise our focus is providing a holistic support through promoting a supportive employment environment.